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Essay Hook Examples That Will Help You Catch Attention

The opening sentences of your essay, if written in a catchy and captivating manner, forms the ‘hook’ of your essay. It attracts people and indulges then to read of the rest of the essay. Although it is a very small part of the whole essay, a perfect hook helps to introduce the main idea in an informative and engaging manner. You can search the net for good essay hook examples or essay hook sentence examples but they might not be suitable for your purpose. Essay hooks can be difficult to think about but it is not impossible. In order to get the perfect hook, you need to assess the purpose of your essay and the way you intend to present it. Think about -

  • The topic of your essay.
  • The point you want to establish.
  • The approach or angle you want to take.
  • The style and pitch of your writing.
  • The audience of your essay.

The purpose of your essay will definitely define the hook you need. Here are some practical tips and examples to get an effective hook for your essay

Facts and figures

Figures from different mass media, journals, publications, websites etc. can serve as appropriate hook examples for essay. A shocking statistics can intrigue your readers as well as hook them on reading. Sometimes conflicting statements and ideas appearing in credible publications will also do the trick. You can think about including interesting facts and definitions. Facts and figures can be both argumentative and persuasive essay hook examples, but you should take care to use credible sources. The more reliable the source the more effective your hook sounds.

Asking questions

Well constructed questions can be excellent hook examples for argumentative essay. Readers might want to carry on reading to find out the answer. You might consider combining facts and figures to form the question/s. take care to avoid close ended questions or which result in simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and ask something which triggers critical thinking.

Expose a familiar misconception

Exposing a common misconception by itself is revealing and quite shocking. When you try that in your essay, your readers might be hooked to the rest of it.

Literary quotations

This is suitable when you might be usually writing or reviewing a specific story, author, film, book, literary phenomenon, etc. When you use a quote, it becomes an easy way to establish your authority and lend your essay a fresh voice.

Famous quotes

Quotes from a famous individual can aid you to support your argument. They are fitting argumentative essay hook examples. The quote should only be relevant to the topic in hand and point of view.

An anecdote or joke

Humor is a great way to start your essay. A good laugh is always appreciated but keep in mind that humor is culture specific. Also keep in mind the forbidden words and jokes and select the hook sentences wisely.

State your point of view

This a straightforward approach where you get right to the point from the start. Begin with your main statement or question and use the rest of the essay to support it. You have to be confident in your research statement/question though. If your take on the topic is interesting, the readers will be hooked naturally.

College essay hook examples can be of various types and originate from any source. The important point is to make it relevant to your topic and credit your source.

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