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How to write essays – expert suggestions

While some students are used to write essays every week, others have to struggle to write a good one. If you feel that you need help in order to write better essays, then you should follow these expert suggestions. In only a few weeks you and your teacher will notice a great improvement in your writing style, and you will end up creating amazing essays in a matter of days.

Steps To A Good Essay

Write down interesting topics
  • We all know that inspiration does not come exactly when you need it. You might struggle for days to find an interesting topic when you have to write an assignment. At the same time, you might come up with amazing ideas when you are on vacation. Instead of allowing yourself to waste these great ideas, you can write them down and keep them on your desk for the moments when you have no inspiration.

Create your own library
  • You are well aware of the fact that not all websites are trustworthy sources for your school assignments. When you are pressured by a deadline, you don’t have patience to verify every information that you find. For this reason, it is important to know before on what websites you can count. When you have free time, search for the most popular online libraries and see if the information presented there is accurate. Bookmark the good websites and use those when you have to make research for your assignments.

Improve your vocabulary
  • It is not enough to have good ideas in order to write good compositions. You also have to use interesting, academic words. If you feel that your vocabulary is not as good as it should be, you can work on developing it in your free time. A simple way of doing this is to try to learn three-four new words every day. You won’t even realize how much you improved until you have to actually write a composition.

Keep yourself updated
  • It is way easier to write a good composition if you keep yourself updated. You can do this by reading the news every day or discussing with your friends about what happened in the world in the last days. This will help you develop your knowledge, your vocabulary and of course, your way of thinking.

Get inspired
  • If you have no idea how to start a composition, a good thing to do is to get inspired from other essays. There are dozens of websites online where you can find professional compositions for free. Read a few of them, write down the most interesting ideas then use them in your own assignment. Make sure that you never try to cheat or to copy the content that you found online; your teacher will figure it out and he will never trust your assignments again.

Discuss with your colleagues about their interest
  • If they like your composition, your teacher will like it too. It is a good idea to discuss with them and find out what are they interested in and what you have to write about in order to get their attention. If you are honest with each other, all of you can improve your writing skills in no time.

Pay attention to details

Sure, it is important to have good ideas, but it is just as important to pay attention to details such as the format of your essay, the font, the spacing, the punctuation and the grammars. If you can’t handle all this on your own, ask for feedback from one of your colleagues before you submit your assignment.

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